Rhetorical Analysis


Rhetorical analysis is the most important thing our professor has focused on in this course. The course has made the students doing rhetorical analysis on El Deafo, Soon I will be Invincible, Lauren Ridloff’s Quiet Power and Saige’s video. The main purpose of the Rhetorical analysis is to identify the particular strategies that an author is using to appeal to or persuade a given audience. The rhetorical analysis showed below is the first one I started up with-

   This rhetorical analysis wasn’t enough to make a proper connection between the three strong points. Comments from classmates have made me write a better analysis for the next time. The beginning of my next analysis is been shown below which makes a perfect connection between the audience, message, and writer. This rhetorical analysis shows how to make a connection between three different areas and how to develop the reading, writing and understanding the text.


    Overall, in a conclusion, I would say that this course has helped me a lot to develop my writing, reading, and way of thinking. The confusion, struggle, getting lost in words have been out of me for this course. Though I have improved lot, I still need to improve my writing and need to focus on broad thinking. I would definitely say that as a non-native English speaker I have developed a lot through this course.